GU Women’s Coders is an organization that strives to build digital literacy outside of the typical classroom. We bring together women with as little to no coding experience to declared CS majors and encourage everyone to expand and think critically about their understanding of technology. GuWeCode provides a supportive environment in which members can thrive with the support and knowledge of their peers, mentors, and faculty, and have the ability to participate in social events, coding studios, and Coding Week!

Becoming a member means that you will actively engage with our community in the ways defined below. 

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Each member is required to attend a minimum of 3 events per year in addition to one of the following membership contributions:

  • Blog Posts:
    • Write and create a total of 2 blog posts (one per semester) of 200-400 words.
    • The blog post can be written about tech or computer science current news events/stories or write about your own experience with technology or computer science. The post should include significance!
      • Example topics: concerns, new inventions, opinions, etc…
  • Coding Templates:
    • Submit 2 project templates (one per semester).
    • This is open ended: could be a whole project (not course work), a class, or a singular method. Along with the template, write a short description of what it does and explain why it is useful.
  • Coding LifeSavers: 
    • Have you ever been stressed or stuck in a Computer Science course? What has helped you through it? Submit a list of Coding tips for the guWeCode Instagram! Examples of what can be included in your list: 
      • What gets you through a week of CompSci? 
      • What do you do when you get stuck? 
      • Favorite language or platform to code on?
    • Along with the tips, write a short paragraph about a time when you stuck, and what you did to get out of it! (100 words)
  • Attend an additional 4 events:
    • Along with the initial 3 events required, attend an additional 4 events held by guWeCode! 

Any questions? Email us at