This week is the perfect opportunity to start coding, improve your coding skills, or show off your coding skills. We have lots of prizes for coders of all levels.

You can code on your own. You can code with a friend. You can join one of the coding events and code with us.

Sign up here to be eligible for prizes!



We have two different challenges for you. Both use drag and drop interface so that you will not get bogged down with syntax issues. It is your chance to be creative through coding AND you may even win a prize.

New coder challenge 1:

For this challenge, you’ll use the Scratch coding environment to make your own music.

Work through the music example on the right. Then expand on it – be creative!!

When you’re ready to submit, use the file menu to download your code. Then email your file from your GU account to:

New coder challenge 2:

 For this challenge, you’ll use the Tynker coding environment to code an interactive Cooking Game.

Work through the instructions and go through the tutorial on the left. Then expand on it – be creative!!

When you’re ready to submit, use the SHARE button from the Dashboard page to generate a link (from “Embed”). Put the link into a text file and email the file from your GU account to:


We’ve curated two custom coding challenges on HackerRank.

Coding challenge 1: Easy to Medium (HackerRank)

Coding challenge 2: Medium to Hard (HackerRank)

Test your skills against other coders! See how you rank. Solve problems to win points and prizes.

Need help or inspiration?  Join us on Tuesday night for pizza and programming (and board games!).

 The challenge ends on Thursday at 10:00 PM. We’ll notify winners on Friday morning and prizes will be awarded at our Friday happy hour at Epicurean.

Good luck! Happy coding!