9/20        Coding Power Hour: JavaScript Animation

9/27         Python Lecture: Beginner #1 (Magic 8 Ball)

10/11        Python Lecture: Beginner #2 (Mad Libs)

10/13       Technology Internship Panel

10/25       Python Lecture: Beginner #3 (Hangman)

11/15 – 11/19  GU Women Coders Week

11/15         Release of coding challenges

                    Women Love Coding Outreach Table and Photo Montage

11/16         Programming, Pizza and Board Games (with DCodes)

11/17         The World of Raspberry Pis (Maker Hub, with GUCEC)

11/18         End of coding challenges

11/19         Coding Challenge Awards and Happy Hour

In January 2018 we are introducing Coding Studio, which will offer learning activities for coders of different skill levels at each session!

1/22       Coding Studio – Session 1:

 Python for Beginners – Step 1

 iOS App Programming (programming knowledge assumed)

2/13       Coding Studio – Session 2:

 Python for Beginners – Step 2

 Online portfolios with WordPress

 Web apps with Django (programming knowledge assumed)

2/23       Alumni Panel

3/13       2018 Coding Party

4/10       Coding Studio – Session 3: Introduction to SQL

  Programming with Raspberry Pis and Arduinos (programming       knowledge assumed)

4/24       End of Year Happy Hour