Our Mission and Team

GU Women Coders’ mission is to build digital literacy for today’s job market and increase the number of women in the technology field.

2019-2020 Team

Kristina Lignell and Elizabeth Miller — Co-leaders

Mari Bailey  — Membership, Webmaster

Meenakshi Balan — Career Development

Delaney Dietzgen — Marketing

Kathleen Julien — Faculty & Staff Outreach

Tiffany Lam — Campus Outreach

Janet Liu— Graduate Student Outreach

Elena Mehiel — Marketing

Sarah Mueller — Social Media

Caroline Schauder — Community Outreach

Christine Sun — Community Outreach

Elaina Teramoto — Social Media

Julianne Zech — Campus Outreach

Lisa Singh — Faculty Advisor

Lisa Davis and Lisa Singh — guWeCode Founders

We would like to thank the Department of Computer Science, University Information Services (UIS), the Provost’s Office, the Dean’s Office, CNDLS, the Luce Foundation and an anonymous donor for their financial and programmatic support.